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Weight Loss


San Antonio Slender Solutions and Spa can help you lose weight fast!

Are you looking for a fantastic and effective way to lose weight fast? Are you tired of all of those diet plans that are supposed to work, but never actually generate any concrete results? Instead of wasting your time and money on another program that doesn’t work, visit our weight loss experts at San Antonio Slender Solutions and Spa.

Our experts are able to develop weight loss programs paired with diet plans that are specifically tailored to your individual needs. We are passionate about helping our clients achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle. We have helped countless men and women throughout San Antonio, TX and the surrounding areas transform their lives, and we are eager to help you next!

Offering Weight Loss Services including the Hormonal Weight Loss Diet!

• Hormonal Weight Loss San Antonio, TX Diet Plans (designed for your needs and lifestyle)
 • Appetite Suppressants (Adipex-P and Bontril - decreases appetite)
• Hormonal Weight Loss Injections (encourages substantial weight loss and ability to sustain weight loss)
• B-12 Shots (a B12 vitamin will stimulate your metabolism and give a boost of energy)


 Vitamin B12 supports your body in using fat and carbohydrates for energy and make new protein. It is important for cells, nerves, and blood. Most of the time, people get enough B12 in their diet from animal products including fish, meat, eggs, milk, and more. A deficiency may occur, causing some health conditions including poor nutrition and stomach problems. B12 shots are used to help treat low levels, as well as stimulate your metabolism and give you the boost of energy you are looking for.  

This program is designed to accelerate weight loss within about three to five weeks. The Rapid Burn Weight Loss Program will help you meet your individual weight loss goals by using a variety of injections including B-12 shots and HCG diet methods, and you’ll also be introduced to appetite suppressants. Your progress will be monitored and supervised weekly by our friendly, qualified staff members. All injections will be administered by an LVN or Nurse Practitioner.

Rapid Burn program includes: MiC injections, Lipoden, and L-Carn

Check out our special pricing today, and call 210-745-9785 to book your initial appointment!
New You Weight Loss Program

New You package is designed for 2 months...pretty much double what you get with the Rapid Burn package and save $224!

Hormone Replacement

At San Antonio Slender Solutions and Spa, our nurse practitioners are also experienced and qualified to conduct hormone replacement therapy. This treatment is ideal for women who are going through menopause or osteoporosis. For detailed information, or to find out if this treatment is right for you, please call San Antonio Slender Solutions and Spa today at 210-745-9785.
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New patient consultant is $100 and includes a prescription for appetite suppression.
Return Patients will be $75 also includes includes a prescription for appetite suppression.
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